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Wall cladding

Diamond, Diamond Safe, Resilience and Gallery wall cladding and protection.

Resources for download


Diamond wall cladding NBS - download file

Diamond Safe wall cladding NBS - download file

Diamond wall cladding datasheet- download file

Resilience wall cladding datasheet - download file

Diamond Safe datasheet - download file

Diamond Bond Part-A safety datasheet - download file

Diamond Bond Part-B safety datasheet - download file

Isopropanol safety datasheet - download file

Seal silicone sealant safety datasheet - download file

701 thinners safety datasheet - download file

Anti-static cleaner safety datasheet - download file

Installation guide files:

Surface preparation guide - download file

Wet room overlap detail - download file

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Healthcare range

Trovex Hygipod IPS - integrated plumbing system - medium

Hygipod IPS

A range of prefabricated integrated plumbing systems that are quick to install, easy to maintain and enhance infection control.

Trovex Hygipod MSU alternative to bed head trunkingpng

Hygipod MSU

An alternative to conventional bed head trunking systems that enhances infection control and ward appearance.

Hygidoor double door fire-rated doorset


A range of hygienic PVC encapsulated fire-rated doors with flush vision panels and modern appearance.

Trovex Diamond Wall Cladding in white

Diamond wall cladding

Hygienic wall cladding and protection systems that ensure hygiene critical spaces are easily maintained.

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